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About Profitability

ProfitAbility Business Simulations is a UK- and USA-based company, which operates worldwide. They are a global leader in custom designed, experiential learning and their solid record of improving organisations’ profitability goes back to the late 1980’s. Their business simulations have been used year after year by the most prestigious business schools on the East and West Coasts of America, some of the world’s largest multinationals, many major legal firms and accountancy practices, and numerous forward-thinking small- and medium-sized enterprises.
With Profitability, profound and positive results are a given.

They operate in over 30 countries and deliver simulations in 18 languages — on a large scale or for small groups.
What are Business Simulations?
Business Simulations are primarily experiential learning tools where participants are put into real life business scenarios and have to make real decisions, under time pressure and in an environment which demonstrates all the commercial challenges your own organization faces.
ProfitAbility’s business simulations are not computer based and all decisions made are taken by the participants, so they build their understanding and skills in a realistic context. Having rapidly absorbed essential concepts and behaviors, employees can transfer them immediately to their workplace.
The Context of the game
Typically, 18-24 participants gather in a room and are divided into teams of 4. Each team is a management team which manages a business. The goal of the simulation is to run the firm in such a way as to generate the highest retained earnings over time.
The Game
Our simulations are essentially in the form of a board game. Participants see the moving parts of their business (for e.g.: production, sales, credit, service etc) and learn how they interact. The trainer introduces new concepts in the form of business scenarios and the participants react to these scenarios thereby developing a better understanding of these concepts and their implication on the business as a whole.
The trainer also intervenes with a lecture, timed appropriately to drive home the concepts as the participants see these concepts being practically implemented in their company.
Using our business simulations you can:
  • Develop your employees’ business acumen and commercial awareness
  • Change their decision-making behavior
  • Establish key financial metrics
  • Engage employees in a powerful team building exercise
  • Build a common language to support strategic decisions.
Your employees become better decision-makers and more productive in their everyday work, accelerating an improvement in your strategic performance and business results.

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