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Mass recruitment assignments in the GCC are very complex, especially with clients who look for diversity in their workforce. As the number of target locations increase so do the complexities around local hiring rules, mobilization challenges and the need to work with local partners multiply.

Mass recruitment at People Dynamics is a process not an event. We approach it with high level of planning and deploy some of our most talented consultants on such assignments. While every mass recruitment assignment is unique and calls for a customized approach, People Dynamics builds in the customizations around the following 7 broad steps
Creation of a project plan- Every mass recruitment activity starts with the creation of a detailed project plan. Specific focus is put on clearly understanding the client need in terms of the candidate profile, time frames and preferred selection method. This is reviewed with the client and refined if required.
Sourcing- Location specific sourcing strategies are initiated. Strategies normally involve using multiple mediums to identify candidates and include the use of portals, industry specific databases, local partners and in some cases, the print media.
Quality check- Very early in the process, a quality check of every source used is undertaken. This ensures that the most effective sources are tapped to the fullest while discontinuing others. The client is given regular updates on the project progress.
Screening and Short listing- Screening and Short listing for client interview is highly customized and could vary from our consultants travelling to off-shore locations and running assessment centers to online tests and telephonic or video based interviews.
Client Visit- For mass recruitment assignments, clients normally prefer a face to face interaction before making the final recruitment decision. People Dynamics along with our local partner organize recruitment events where short listed candidates meet our clients. We often assist our clients with designing and running simple skill and aptitude assessment centers.
Offer and acceptance- We facilitate offers and their acceptance. At specific requests of our clients, we undertake professional reference checks.
Mobilization- International mobilization can be complicated with country specific differences in documentation and procedures to be undertaken. With our partners in the target markets, we facilitate smooth mobilization of the successful candidates.

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