Building a HR Roadmap

The Client- A highly respected regional brand

The background- The client was a 13 year old business entity with a less than ideal reputation for its people practices and systems. The situation was made even more critical by a recent re-structuring and merger of many of its subsidiaries which were functioning as highly independent entities. We were approached to conduct a detailed organizational diagnosis exercise and suggest a HR road-map.
People Dynamic’s approach
As part of our consulting methodology, a team of senior HR consultants acquired a detailed understanding of the organization’s business goals from key stakeholders through a series of one to one & focus group interactions.
An “as-is” map of all its processes was created and their robustness evaluated. This was followed by close interactions with a wider section of the employee base to get an understanding of the employee perception of the various HR initiatives in the organization.
The as-is evaluation was compared with an ideal scenario with due consideration being given to the organizations business goals and the actual business environment on the ground. This helped us arrive at a set of “Projects” which together formed the HR Road Map. Some of these projects were process improvement initiatives while some were new integration projects or new ones. Priorities were clearly identified and a 24 months implementation plan was created. The road-map was shared and discussed in great detail with key stakeholders and a final collaborative version arrived at.
The Impact
The client is currently engaged in the first cycle of implementation.

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