Start-up support

The Client- A global telecom group’s first start-up venture in the region.

The background- The client had a well evolved employer brand based on progressive human resource practices. They were embarking on a challenging start-up venture in the Middle East and wanted their fundamental HR strategies to be in line with their global practices but with a strong local flavor. Specific areas to be addressed were HR policies and procedures and compensation and benefits.
People Dynamics’s approach
People Dynamics interacted extensively with the client’s start-up team to build a clear understanding of their global practices. Internal documents were also reviewed. This was followed by 2 separate benchmarking exercises- for HR policies and procedures and compensation and benefits.
Considering the time constraints typically associated with a start-up, People Dynamics decided to use a “quality of information” based benchmarking with less focus on its statistical relevance. For this approach to work, it was essential that we exposed our client to most of our information sources to build up credibility of those sources. This was well received by the client.
On the compensation and benefits front, we arrived at target positioning strategies after taking all source markets into consideration. This was especially challenging since our client expected their employees to come from a wide range of sources- internal transfers, the Qatar market, the wider GCC and MENA market, the Indian sub-continent and from the telecom and technology vertical across the world. People Dynamics helped them arrive at the compensation and benefits structure including short and long term incentives and a broad –band based cash and non-cash components.
The HR policies and procedures were developed with a close eye on local best practices, legal stipulations and the client’s global practices.
The client has one of the best structured and attractive compensation and benefits model in the region. We have been engaged every year to provide market inputs to refine the model. The client has been able to attract and retain some of the best of the internal and external telecom talent.

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