Competency profiles

The Client- A large government sector entity in the Sports and Recreation industry

The background- The client wished to develop job competency profiles for every unique job with the objective of using such profiles for recruitment and development. The unique nature of their business and a prevailing organizational restructuring environment added to the challenge. The final output (Competency Profiles) had to be delivered in English and Arabic.
People Dynamics’s approach
People Dynamics assembled a team of human resource and industry functional experts. Planning workshops were conducted to capture the current and planned organizational structure since it was expected that the final structure would take shape while the project is being implemented.
The competency profile template comprised of functional and behavioral competencies. The clients need to capture expected outputs; its evidence and performance indicators were accommodated. People Dynamics used a capture-review-rework approach with job holders and their immediate supervisors to arrive at functional competencies.
A behavioral competency matrix and dictionary was developed as part of this project. Desired behaviors were discussed with key stakeholders and incorporated into the profiles. Since the client was a government entity and had fixed experience-education protocols, these were taken on board.
Quality assurance workshops were conducted with the clients HR team to ensure that the final output met their quality expectations.
134 competency profiles were completed and approved within agreed project time frames. The profiles are being used in a phased manner for recruitments and development.

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