About Us

From the time the People Dynamics idea came to mind to the present, it’s been an interesting journey for all of us. What we do today, how we do it and more importantly, why we exist as an organization is recounted here.

The core team at People Dynamics has been involved with HR and general management projects and initiatives in the region for close to 20 years. We have at various times, put on the hats of project stakeholders, sponsors, leads and consultants and worked with both international and local consulting organizations.
Throughout these engagements, we have seen organizations attempting to implement the best global practices in our environment. More often than not, the results have left the stakeholders with a sense of dissatisfaction. On probing deeper, we realized that these projects lack the balance between international best practices, practicality of using them in our environment and skills to operationalise and run new processes over a period of time. We felt that an organization with strong local roots and understanding of this business environment but with the capabilities to design and implement solutions built around global best practices will add most value to its clients. We also realized the need to stay closely engaged with our clients even when our solutions are operational. This was and is the core fundamentals of People Dynamics.
In 2007, we took the first steps in this journey. Over the last few years we have learnt some hard lessons, worked on interesting projects, crossed some significant milestones and most importantly created a niche for ourselves in the minds of our clients. Today, our clients appreciate us as practical implementers’ as much as advisors or designers of HR systems and processes. All our solutions are co-developed with clients and our bridge team work closely with them run them for a cycle and sometimes, more.
As the saying goes, “A journey is best measured in friends and not in miles”. As we continue on this journey, we hope that we fare well, when measured in terms of satisfied clients!
-Jassim Al Mansoori, Chairman of the Board, People Dynamics

Client Speak

Recruitment client

We used People Dynamics for a large scale recruitment process which was time-